The Tancor Corporation offers a full range of services in the commercial construction and industrial construction industries.

If you are looking for a highly experienced quality oriented masonry trade contractor to fill a particular role in a larger plan, Tancor Corporation is the perfect solution. Tancor Corporation's wide range of skilled and experienced tradesmen set us apart from our competitors.Depending on the project's specific requirements, our versatile tradesmen allow us to provide the quality skills required to most effectively complete the project.

This diversity and dedication to quality masonry work of our employees makes scheduling, supervision, safety, and quality much more precise and controllable. Tancor comes to each project with a hands-on approach to scheduling. This allows us to circulate the needed and qualified tradesmen in and out of the project as required to perform the work, while maintaining the project schedule.

The Tancor masonry team is most capable of completing high quality, on time and on budget masonry work in the following areas:


  • Reinforced Concrete Block Walls and Foundations
  • Decorative, Split-faced and Colored Block
  • Block Veneers – Single and Multi Wythe
  • Brick Structural Walls
  • Brick Veneers
  • Thin-Brick Adhered Veneers
  • Natural Stone Walls – Single and Multi Wythe
  • Natural Stone Veneers
  • Cultural Stone
  • Natural and Cultured Stone Thin-set Adhered Veneers
  • Brick Pavers
  • Stone Pavers
  • Decorative Brick and Stone Murals